Conjugation of a verb for milking a cow

Early morning. Ранно утро. The coffee is ready. Кафето е готово. Gary takes it with milk. Гари го пие с мляко. This provokes a conjugation of a verb for milking a cow. So it goes:
Aз млекя
Ти млекеш…
I interrupt this flow by asking “what do you mean?” (Какво имаш предвид?)
G.: Well, this should be the verb for milking a cow.
D: OK. It make sense… Има логика… But the actual verb is „ДОЯ“, with a stress on “я“.
G.: Ooooh, Do Ya? (Do I?) Ya, I do.

For now on the verb „ДОЯ“ will never be the same for me:)

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