Bulgarian according to Gary

Of course, we tried to learn the language via osmosis by just putting our heads together and waiting for the language flow to start. Sometimes it works, sometimes — doesn’t; other, not language-related thoughts begin flowing in both directions. This is “scary” (a quote by the other party). Anyway, the morning brought a couple of new hybrids:

Аз осмозя
Ти осмозиш
Той/тя/то осмози

Ние осмозим
Вие осмозите
Те осмозят

This is a perfect following of the rule to conjugate any verb from the second group (with an ending with “И”-for the third person singular, e.g. говоря, уча etc.).

After осмозя there was nothing that could stop Gary to continue contributing to language enrichment. The noun “collision” was turned into a Bulgarian verb perfectly by following the rule for the third group (with an ending with “A”-for the third person singular, e.g. закусвам, пазарувам etc.). Not only that, the two aspects of the verb were developed – imperfective колижвам and perfective колижа…, where the perfective verb follows the First group conjugation (with an ending with “E”-for the third person singular, e.g. чета, пиша, etc.)
And here we go:

Аз колижвам
Ти колижваш
Той/тя/то колижва

Ние колижваме
Вие колижвате
Те колижват
Imperative: Колижвай! Колижвайте!

Аз ще колижа
Ти ще колижеш
Той/тя/то ще колиже

Ние ще колижем
Вие ще колижете
Те ще колижат

Imperative: Колижù! Колижèте!

The third verb that was twisted was related to making verbs:
Аз върбя
Ти върбиш
Той/тя/то върби

Ние върбим
Вие върбите
Те върбят

So, I guess, we can take this as an illustration of an artificial language game (as we have seen in the studies of language and culture)… Isn’t Bulgarian easy?

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